Friday, 14 February 2014

DEad Walk Talk # 31 ! The Walking Dead's "After"!

Written by Axemaster February 14, 2014.

Okay Zombie Fiends!! They're Baa-aack!
The Doomgoryum Guys Give you the low down on the return of to The Walking Dead! .... After....!
Check out what Hap, Axe & Jimmy have to say about the long awaited, post Prison Episode!
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     From Hap, Axe & Jimmy................... 

              Remember to Always Share The Pudding During 

                      The Zombie Apocalypse!!!!!!
"Screw Them!! I'm Eating ALL The Pudding!"

"LIttle Basterd Ate All The PUDDING HIIYYYAAHH !""
"Nope !! Don't Need You You Old Dork!"

"I don't Need You Dad!"

"Screw You Carl... You Ate ALL THE PUDDING!"

"OKay Dad ! I Need You !! Dad!? DAD!!!??"

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