Monday, 22 July 2013

Doomgoryum Report # 52 ! Hitchcock (2012) !

Written By Axemaster July 22, 2013

Okay, Okay ..... So this ones not technically Horror ! So I won't ramble on too long here ! Hap, Axe & Jimmy checked out ..... Hitchcock ! In honour of the man that used to scare them when they were kids! In Black and White no less ! So if you're interested in one of the great men Behind The Screams .... Check this out !
 We think you'll like it ! Stay tuned for more regularly schedules Fright Fests !

               From Hap, Axe & Jimmy.........

                        Stay Scared !!!!!!!!

"No This Is a Scary Scene !"

"I can't DO ANYTHING With My Hair!"

"More Death ! More Killing !"

"Lunch and a Murder My Dear !??"

"I need to get a better Scream Coach!"

"Can we edit in more Murder!, More Killing!?"

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