Saturday, 9 June 2012

The Doomgoryum Report # 36 ! Prometheus !!

Written by Axemaster June 10 , 2012

For details , see video review below in Episode # 36 of
The Doomgoryum Report ! Enjoy !

   Okay Kids ! Its Here at Last ! Hap , Axe & Jimmy Were there on Opening night and are happy to bring you ...... Prometheus !! So get you flamethrowers and flack jackets ready , and tune in for the chilling slime filled tour of distant deep space !!! Check out the review and let us know what you think ! If you like what you see , subscribe to our you tube channel and see more !
Like they say ..... In space , They can't Hear you scream ! So remember ..........

            If you're heading into the unknown to find 

out about the origins of Mankind ........................

                      Don't Go Stupid ! It's Never Worth It !!!
"Winnebago Launched and Away !"

"Wow ! They Should have Vacuumed once in a while !"

"God I'm Hot in Space Garb !"

"Even Androids have NEEDS !"

"I Know You Ordered This Pizza You Puke !"

"Origins of Humanity ?? Screw It  RUN !"

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